Studio 4

Size:       28' x 15'

Drums:   Tama Superstar Classic 5-Piece Drum Kit, Sabian cymbals (2), hi-hats and ride

Amps:      GK 700rb Mark II with a GK 410 BLX cab, Marshall MG100 HDFX 4x12 half stack, Fender Champion 100 2x12 combo

PA:          2 Yamaha Club Series 15” loudspeakers powered by a Yamaha EMX5016 16-channel mixer with compression and effects, 2 yamaha Club Series 12" floor monitors Powered by a QSC power amp. 

Mics:      2 Shure SM58's, Seinheiser e835, AKG D5

Evenings & Weekend Rate: $28/hr Monday -Friday 5:00PM - Midnight All day Saturday & Sunday

WeekDay rate: $24/hr Monday - Friday 11:00-5:00PM